From Rev. Arlene

Leaps of Faith – they can be scary, but if they were not, they would not be called a Leap of Faith.  The term Leap of Faith is about making changes that are not easy.  If they were easy, they would not require much faith.

Making a change in our home such as buying a new sofa is not a leap of faith although it is a change.  Moving to a new home, in a place far from your friends and family, is a leap of faith.

Some people have trouble taking leaps of faith.  They like to stay near the shore where it is safe – and there is no problem with that if that is what your heart tells you to do.  However, allowing fear to be our motivator in making decisions is not a good idea.

The next time you are faced with a difficult decision that is frightening because you have to step out on a ledge to take the first step, ask yourself,  “What would I do if I were brave?  What is my motivation in the choice I make – fear or love/faith?”

Something I have learned through the many leaps I have taken in my life is that, whether I land safely or whether I fall, it is always a positive growth experience.  Leaps of faith make me spend more time with God, spend more time in prayer and meditation, and in constant conversation with God as I move forward.

Remember that it is not a leap of faith unless it requires us to have faith even in the face of doubts and fears.  It is the “road less travelled” but it is the road of heroes.

Quote of the Week

“Be not afraid of growing slowly.  Be only afraid of standing still.”

Chinese Proverb



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