From Rev. Arlene

Do you have zeal in your life or is it one boring, tiring day after another?  Zeal, or enthusiasm, is a God given attribute and although we all have it, some people do not exercise this power to it’s fullest ability.

Charles Fillmore, Unity’s co-founder, said a life without zeal is like “an engine without steam or an electric motor without a current.”  In our world today, we know that we have to charge up our phones, our IPads, our computers, etc. or they won’t work.  So too we have to charge up our lives so we have more zeal, more joy, and more enthusiasm.

Science has confirmed that every cell and organ of our body is literally crammed with vital energy.  When we have more zeal in our lives, our bodies respond not just with more energy but more vitality, good health and a strong immune system.

So how do we bring more zeal into our lives?  Every time an opportunity comes your way that allows you to express your talent, welcome that with open arms.  Every time you feel as if life is boring or has no meaning, find something to do for someone else.

Being of selfless service is a great way to bring more zeal and enthusiasm into your life because it gets us out of our selves and fills us with gratitude.

Look at everyday situations with a new perspective that zeal is an active power in your life.  Think of possibilities in various situations and then allow your imagination to soar.  Find ways to take the ideas that come to you and mold them into workable possibilities.

Quote of the Week

“I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm and spring forth to do that which should be done by me.”                            Charles Fillmore, age 94


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