From Rev. Arlene

There are many traits that lead us into being spiritually connected to God and to others. Qualities such as faith, trust, love, kindness, etc. But often overlooked is dedication or commitment.

Dedication is an important aspect in our lives and often determines whether we fail or succeed in something.

In businesses, the ones that are dedicated to succeeding, to being of service to others, are often the ones who get ahead. In relationships, the ones in which the people are dedicated to making the relationship work are the ones that last.

Most of us are dedicated to something or someone. Maybe it’s our spouse, our children or grandchildren, our pets or a cause. Without some dedication in our lives, we live a life that just drifts along and is easily pushed off course.

Dedication means to be wholly committed to something such as an ideal, political cause, or personal goal. What are you dedicated to?

It is a good idea to put our spiritual life up there with the other aspirations we are dedicated to. When we strengthen our spiritual life, we are also giving ourselves more power to achieve whatever it is we wish to succeed in, in other areas of our life.

Quote of the Week

“Dedicate yourself to what gives your life true meaning and purpose; make a positive difference in the life of your church.” Hallelujah McBerry

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