From Rev. Arlene

Here we are in 2017!

The new year lies ahead of us and we now have in front of us a book with 365 blank pages for us to write our own story.

We can decide how this year is going to be for us. We can choose if we are going to look at this year as filled with possibilities or just look at it as another year to dread. The choice is always ours.

Rather than look at the entire year, why not just take this year one day a time. We can wake up each morning and ask ourselves what we want this page to look like. Rather than setting big resolutions for the new year, which we will probably not keep and then beating ourselves up because of it, we can set mini resolutions each day – one day at a time.

If we want to be in better physical health, we can wake up and decide that just for this day, we will eat healthy foods and move our bodies in a realistic way. We can decide that just for today, we can be kind, loving, considerate and compassionate to those we come in contact with – including strangers or people that push our buttons.

Just for today, we can resolve to be the best that we can be – just for today!

Quote of the Week

“Each day we are born again. What we do today is what matters the most.”

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