From Rev. Arlene

Are you willful or willing?

When we are willful we push and pull at life to make it go our way. Sometimes when we allow our self will to “run riot” it may seem for awhile that things are going well. However, at some point we may find that we have created a logjam in our lives and we become stuck. Stuck in old habits, old ways, old patterns of living. That is until the Universe breaks up the logjam, usually by blowing things up with Spiritual Dynamite.

When we are willing, willing to listen to our mentors, teachers, sponsors and more importantly, God, we find our life usually flows very well. That is because we are no longer allowing our egos (easing God out) to control what we do. We align ourselves to spiritual principles and not basing our lives on getting more, being more, or doing more.

It is the human will that creates wars, terrorism, violence and the slow destruction of our Earth. It is human will that makes us fight our way to the top in order to prove we are worthy. The Truth is we are worthy, we are important, we are beautiful because we are the creations of a Creator that is Perfect.

An apple tree can only produce apples, a pear tree – pears, and Perfection can only create perfection. Once we stop allowing our self will from going astray, we can then be in the flow of Good and truly become all we can be.

Quote of the Week

“For each one of us, there is only one thing necessary: to fulfill our own destiny, according to God’s will, to be what God wants us to be.” Thomas Merton

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