From Rev. Arlene

Last week I had the pleasure of traveling to La Quinta, in the desert, for a conference.  Years ago, I could never understand why anyone would live in the desert.  I was in Palm Springs in the 80’s and all I could see was dirt and sand.

Now, however, I love traveling to the desert.  Driving through the mountains and then into the desert, I am in awe of the majesty of the mountains and the life I know is hidden in the midst of the desert.  I am now aware that there is an abundance of God, Spirit, Presence in the desert as much as it is in the ocean.

What is really interesting is that the area I went to is no different than it was thirty years ago.  The contrast was not in the place but in my consciousness.  In the 80’s I could only see lack and limitation. I was so filled with self-pity because of what I did not have, that I never really saw all that I did, and certainly could not see beauty even when it was all around me.

If we open our minds and look beyond appearances, we will find much beauty and abundance all around us.  We need only to change our consciousness in order to realize that there is a Presence within everything – when we take the time to see it.


Quote of the Week

“Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it.”    Confucius


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