From Rev. Arlene

The idea of looking at challenges in life as an adventure or an opportunity, rather than just a challenge, can help make life fun and less stressful. All obstacles are just gifts that allow us to become creative. We can find a way to go over it, or we can find a way around it. We can, also, decide to do nothing, to stay where we are and allow the challenge to keep us from moving forward.

From time to time I like to give myself a challenge as a way of keeping life interesting and not allowing it to become too stale. Some of these challenges have been more difficult than others, but each one has allowed me to stretch beyond my comfort zone and continue to grow spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or physically.

This time the challenge is to enter a chili cook-off with Christopher right here in our town of Tustin, California. Having moved here shortly after last year’s cook off we had no idea of what we were getting into. It turns out this is a big event with over 40,000 people attending! Also, unknown to us at this time, we have to make 20 gallons of chili rather than the two gallons we planned to make!

Making a lot of regular Chili is a pretty big undertaking, as it is, but we are entering a raw plant based chili – something that is kind of contrary to the whole idea of chili. This is going to be much more complicated and expensive than we originally thought (we just bought 150 avocados! And we have a rather small kitchen!). But rather than deciding not to do it, we became determined to look at the whole experience as an adventure.

Not doing anything is no longer an option for either Christopher or myself, and so forward we go! What will be the result, we are not sure, but one thing I am confident of – it will be an adventure and one that will stretch me and, therefore, be another growing experience.

Stay tune for next week’s message to find out what happens!

Quote of the Week
“Life is either a great adventure or nothing.”
Helen Keller


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