Free Will

In Judaism, it is believed that there are three components of a human being.  Two are the body and soul.  The body desires physicality while the soul wants spirituality.  At any point in time, what decides which will prevail?  In Judaism it is believed that there is a third component, free will that makes that determination.
Of the three, only free will exists in the present time.  For example, a person can live their whole lives based on a moral or religious code and at a moment can decide to completely shift course.  The free will determines what course to take at that present moment. 
Our souls and our body’s condition is based on the past –the present condition of our bodies is based on how we have cared for them in the past. Have we taken good care of them?
The same is true of our spiritual nature. Where we are on our spiritual path is based on what we have done in the past.  In both instances, at any moment in time, we can use our free will to change physically or spiritually or both. 
We are where we are today based on our choices (free will)  but we can use that free will in the present to change if we do not like where we are. 
Every day we use the free will when we make decisions,  If you are unhappy where you are,  decide today to change and you will then become co-creator with God in your future.
Quote of the Week
“What people have the capacity to choose, they have the ability to change.” 
Madeline Albright


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