Father/Mother God?

Father God? Mother God? For many people, it seems natural to refer to our Higher Power as either male or female and this helps to make our HP more personal but, unless you had a great mother or father, personalizing God this way could be difficult.

For me, whether I refer to God as Mother or Father, depends on where I am at any given moment. When I am in need of some strength or power, or help financially, I refer to God as Father because when I think of what constitutes a good father is a man who provides and protects his family.

However, when I am emotionally distressed, I think of God as Mother because I am looking for something that is loving, nurturing, and wise.

The important thing is not what we called God but our relationship to IT. I usually think of God as something more than what words can describe. What’s important is that I make conscious contact with that HP on a daily basis and understand that there is a Higher Power and I am not It!

Quote of the Week

“As truly as God is our Father, so truly God is our Mother.”
Julian of Norwich

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