Enough is Enough

Summertime —

and the living is easy (and hot and sticky).

It would be easy if we could just blame the terrible events of this past week on the weather but unfortunately these tragedies happen in this country any season, anytime and anywhere.

It’s easy to think that living in the United States make us safe from the hatred, bigotry, racism, and violence we see in many places in the world, but the truth is that we are no safer here than any other place in the world (a fact which has been evident since 9/11).

We now live in a world where just going to a store can put us in harms way.  If you think it does not affect you because you are not a group that is being targeted, you are wrong.  Anytime people are killed because of their religion, nationality, sexual preference, race – it affects all of us. We are all connected, we are all part of the same human race no matter how different we may look or worship.

Yes, we can pray for the victims and the perpetrators but we must also act whether it is by going to the polls and voting for people who will stand up against the violence that has infected our country; we must demand of our representatives that they care more about the people of this country than the lobbyist of special interest groups.

Everyday we can ask for the strength to do what is right and necessary to make it safe to walk the streets, go to our favorite store, visit our favorite place of entertainment, in other words, to live our lives fully and for others to have same the freedom and rights.  If we want to feel safe, pray for the safety of others and take action.

Quote of the Week

“Anyone with a gun can commit an act of terrorism.” Anonymous


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