Elusive Time

It’s often said that time is an illusion because we cannot stop it, speed it up or slow it down. We lack the power to change it, no matter how much we try to. We can’t change the time it takes for the earth to revolve around the sun, day and night cycles, or the year’s seasons. Time moves forward whether or not we want it to, and like much in life, we have no control over it.

It may seem like time is going slower or faster than at other times, but that is based more on our perception than reality. For example, when we are having a good time, it seems like time speeds up, but when we are miserable, it seems like time slows to a crawl. 

Last week sick with Covid and isolated, the days seemed to drag on. Yet on the other side of Covid, it seems time has picked up speed again, and the days seem to fly by with not enough time to do all I want or have to do.

Why does it seem that time is more affected by our state of mind than our power to change it? 

When we are having a pleasant time, our spirit is in touch with the experience, and we are immersed in it. As a result, we are unaware of time because our energy is focused on what is in front of us that feeds our souls. 

In the same way, time seems to crawl to a standstill when we’re going through an unpleasant experience or perhaps if we’re waiting for an unpleasant experience to come to an end. When this happens, minutes feel like hours, hours like days. Time seems to slow down and take longer to pass.

Whatever we are experiencing regarding time, the thing to remember is that this, too, shall pass. All things have a beginning, a middle, and an end. It is hard to remember that when you are struggling but just repeating, this too shall pass, helps us to remember that we are never standing still in life; we are either moving forward or sliding backward.

We may not have the power to control time, but we always have the choice to determine what we will do with our time.

Quote of the Week

“Time brings all things to pass.”


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