Drama Queen?

For years I was what you could call a drama queen.  Everything that happened to me was the worse thing possible; no one understood me and I was filled with self-pity.  And if my own stuff was not enough I was constantly getting involved in other people’s business.  I see now that I needed the drama so that I would not have to look at what I really needed to concentrate on – my own personal and spiritual growth.

We find ourselves becoming enmeshed with other people’s lives in an effort to not look at our own stuff.  After all, why look at ourselves, when talking and gossiping about others is so much easier and such a great escape.

I think that is why TV and movies are so popular.  For a time, it keeps our minds preoccupied with things that are outside of us so we do not have to look within to see what is really important. The interesting thing is, that no matter how much we try to avoid our challenges, at some time we will have to face them.

Why not now?

Quote of the Week

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”                                                                                           Eleanor Roosevelt

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