Don’t Take it Personally

Last week I wrote about the book, The Four Agreements, and the first agreement which was “Be Impeccable to Your Word”. The second agreement is “Don’t Take Anything Personally”. Don Miguel Ruiz says that no matter what anyone says to you, “don’t take it personally”.

That means no matter how much someone yells at you, criticizes you, blames you, or is just plain rude to you, you are not to take it personally. The key to being able to do that is to understand that it is not about you, but about them.

For instance, imagine interacting with the same person in two different situations.
In the first, the person had a great day, had a good night’s sleep, and everything that could go well for them did. How do you think that person is going to treat you?

Now imagine the same person but they had a terrible night’s sleep, got fired from their job, got stuck in traffic or in an accident, and in general had a terrible day. Do you think they’re still going to treat you well?

In both cases, we did not change yet we tend to judge ourselves based on what other people think of us. Let’s all work on feeling better about ourselves. Remember we are children of a loving God and perfect just as we are. It is up to us, whether or not, we allow another person to make us feel less than God created us to be.

Quote of the Week

“There is one recurring, persistent, perennial, and dogging personal problem which, more than any other, steals the force and peace of people … It is the habit of feeling hurt because of what others do or do not do and what they say or do not say.”
Ervin Seale

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