Do You Choose to be Happy?

Abraham Lincoln once said that most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. I believe this is true. Whether we see life as good, or not, depends upon how we think.

I do not believe that just by thinking about something hard enough we can make it happen. No matter how much I may affirm that I am a young talented singer, the truth is – it just isn’t going to happen.

But, I do believe that our thoughts determine our level of happiness. Things happen in life – people die, we might get sick, weather can misbehave, jobs can end, etc., etc. What determines our attitude is not whether things are perfect or not, but how we look at life’s challenges when they occur.

Each day we get to choose whether we want to be happy or not. Don’t let circumstances determine how you feel, determine, instead, how you are going to feel about circumstances.

Are you a person who can make lemonade out of lemons, or do you complain about having too many issues in your life? When we change our thinking we change our life. We may not see the changes “out there”, but we will FEEL the changes “in here”.

What do you choose today?

Quote of the Week

“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at, change.”
Wayne Dyer


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