Decisions, decisions

Decisions!  They are not always easy, yet, we make them repeatedly in our life.  We usually fear making a decision because we might make the wrong choice.  As a result, we are often frozen and find ourselves stuck in the muck of fear.

I am not a fan of having to make decisions any more than the next person, but I have found in life that even the wrong choice is often better than doing nothing.  A wise mentor I had many years ago taught me that making a choice is less scary if we spend time to go within for guidance.  She said when we do that and then move forward, even choices that seem wrong at the time will work out for good eventually.

That is sure true in my own life.  It seems that all the wrong turns I made still put me just where I was supposed to be – eventually.  I believe that when we reach the end of our lives on this planet, our biggest regret will be that we didn’t do what our hearts and soul are calling us to do.

Quote of the Week

“You can’t make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen.” 
Michelle Obama

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