Christmas Love

Christmas is a Season of Love.  It is a time where we are more loving toward others – not just family and friends – but strangers as well.  The Christmas Story is also a story of Love.   It is a story of the Love of Joseph for Mary, Mary for her unborn child, God’s Love, and the Love of strangers, i.e. the shepherds and the Wise Men.

However, we often forget during this busy season to LOVE OURSELVES.  We stretch ourselves thin trying to get the right gifts, send out cards to whoever we might receive one from, cooking and baking for either parties we are hosting or going to.    All this stress often causes us to love less rather than be more loving.

It is a shame that we forget during this hectic time that what Christmas means is Love.  So during this time before Christmas let’s remember the things that are important – friends and family, children’s laughter, the gift that was given to us with the birth of Jesus, and most importantly the Love of God that is always with us, not just during the Holiday season.

So this Christmas, let us give the gift that keeps on giving – Love to everyone in our life and everyone we meet.  Love is the only gift we can never have enough of, or give enough of.  So this Christmas – let’s reach out and love somebody including ourselves!


Quote of the Week

“He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree.” 

Roy L. Smith

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