Change or Transformation?

Change vs transformation – is there a difference?

In Unity we talk a lot about transformation, but sometimes people think it is the same as change.

Change can be big or small and is usually brought about by external things which may include a decision to do something differently. Transformation, on the other hand, is about a change within us that is so profound that it is truly life changing.

Someone once said that change fixes the past and transformation creates the future. Changes happen and no matter how much we may fight them, everyone experiences them… but transformation doesn’t just change our circumstances, it changes who we are.

In his book, “Finding Yourself in Transition”, Robert Brumet says there are three stages to the process of transition (or transformation) and they are: The Ending, The Void, and The Beginning. If you think over your life, you will find this to be true.

Being aware of this process helps because, if we can remember that when we are experiencing The Ending or The Void, we’ll realize that what we are experiencing is necessary for us to become the person Spirit intended us to be. This might not make things easier, but it can help us accept that the challenge before us is necessary for becoming all we were created to be. WhooHoo!

Quote of the Week

“Embrace each challenge in your life as an opportunity for self-transformation.”
Bernie S. Siegel

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