Change as a constant

Fall is here – officially!  In some parts of the country, it may be more obvious than here in So Cal.  I love autumn, the colors, the smells, the anticipation of the holiday season to come, and the cooler temperatures (some days!).

Change is inevitable both in the world, whether it be the natural world or that which we as humans create.   It is not just all around us, but within us as well, whether we want it or not.

When we look back on our lives many of us can recall how we fought a particular change. At the time we are certain we cannot survive it.  The change can be brought about by the loss of someone close to us, or a forced change in job or home, or a change in our health or wealth. 

Looking back, we can see the good from the change, and we can see how necessary the changes were for our spiritual growth along our journey. We can see that each change was necessary for us to continue on our path.

When we have faith that Spirit only wants what is best for us, we can trust that whatever is going on in our lives, that these changes, too, are for our highest and best good.

So this fall, let us celebrate change, embrace it, and know that there are some new and different things heading our way by trusting that God wants only the best for us.

Quote of the Week

“Change is the one unavoidable, irresistible ongoing reality of the universe.”

 Octavia Butler

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