How’s 2021 so far?

How is 2021 treating you so far?  In Truth, of course, the number of the year does not really affect us unless we let it.

What is true is that when we have expectations, they can often leave us feeling down or even with a resentment that things did not work out according to our plans.  A wise woman once told me years ago that “expectations are preplanned resentments.”

If I expect that, just by the calendar changing, my life, or the conditions of the world would change, it would be foolish.  It would be unrealistic and could lead us to disappointment and disillusionment.  Certainly, the events in Washington was proof that just by changing a “0” to a “1” on the calendar, would not be a panacea for the worlds problems.  

What it can show us is that we are the ones who determine whether we are happy or not, content or not, and how much peace we feel at any time, regardless of the date on a calendar.  

Our minds are more powerful tools than any date, even more powerful than any disease.  But changing our thinking is too big a job for just us, so we have to rely on a Power Greater than Ourselves to help us change our thinking.  We have to surrender our old thinking and ask God to replace it with new more positive thoughts. Only then can we find any true happiness and peace.

Quote of the Week

“Disappointment is temporary.  Only your thought about it is permanent.  Change your mind about what has disappointed you and you will change your life.”

Neale Donald Walsch


Are you filled with zeal?

Do you have enthusiasm for your life or do you wake up in the morning dreading the day?

Enthusiasm or zeal (one of the 12 spiritual powers we all have within us) is often lacking in our lives even though we all have it.  When children are born, they naturally have zeal and you can see it when they play or discover something new.  As we get older sometimes we forget our enthusiasm for life because we allow outside things to take it away from us.

But if we remember it is always within us, waiting for us to call it forth, we can once again find that zeal or zest for life and begin to treat all our days as a gift to be enjoyed.

If you have lost your zest for life it might be because you are not doing what you uniquely are created to be.  We all have gifts and talents and when we forget that it is easy to lose our enthusiasm for life.

Find out what brings joy to your heart by meditating on it.  What is your passion, your gift?  Each day look for ways to express it – and you will find yourself living life to its fullest!

Quote of the Week

“I fairly sizzle with zeal, energy, and enthusiasm; eager to do that which ought to be done by me today.”                                                                                                Charles Fillmore, at age 94


The Power of Imagination

Imagination – as young children we are filled with imagination.  I once watched my granddaughter at about age 4, keep herself occupied with just a pencil and piece of paper.  With two simple things she created a world that kept her interest for quite some time.

As we grow, our imagination often takes a back seat to “reality” which is unfortunate because everything is first created in the imagination and then becomes “real”.  Imagination is behind every house, car, clothing, business, etc.  Think about Amazon which came from something someone imagined in his garage.

We can use our imagination for creativity, for good, for positive change, and for seeing the possible in the impossible.  However, when used incorrectly, it can also create the horrors of the Nazi death camps.

What are you using your imagination for?  Do you imagine always the worse to happen and then are upset when it does or do you use it to imagine the good that is available to us when we use the power of imagination to think of all the possibilities for good that are within us?

The choice is ours to make.  We can create a life of heaven or hell – it all depends on what we imagine.

Quote of the Week

“The cause of all of our suffering is our thinking.”  Buddha


To Change your life – change your mind!

Do you have more things to be grateful for than to complain about?  If your life is not as you would like it to be, know this – we create our lives and we can change them at any time by changing how we think, speak, and act.

Some may now be saying – “I didn’t create the Coronavirus, or I didn’t create my unemployment or cause my investments to shrink”.  That is true, but we do have power over how we react to external circumstances we cannot change.  Much of the rest is within our power to change.

During World war II. Victor Frankl, a Jewish neurologist, and psychiatrist was interned in some of the worst concentration camps.  Not only did he survive but he was able to emotionally and spiritually maintain good health because he understood the power our minds possess that can overcome any external difficulties.

It is not an easy thing to do, it requires willingness, discipline, concentration, and a commitment to desiring the freedom that comes from living life from the inside out instead of the outside in.  Is it worth the trouble?  Only you can answer that question.  To get the answer we have to go within and ask ourselves the question – are we going to be a victim in this world or a victor?

Quote of the Week 

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.”                 

Victor Frankl