Are you a perfectionist?

Perfection –

Nowadays everyone is trying to be perfect – perfect faces, perfect bodies, perfect jobs, perfect relationships, perfect home, perfect families, perfect pets, etc.  Seeking so much perfection can bring a lot of stress into our lives. No matter how good something is, in the race toward perfection, it seems we can never win.

Maybe its because the only thing Perfect in this Universe, is Perfection itself – also known by some, as God.  Although we can never attain perfection, we are perfect because we were created by Perfection.  When we understand that we are perfect, not because of what we do, but because of whose we are – God’s child – we find peace and serenity.

Does that mean that we do not try to improve in all the areas of our life? No! Growing and improving is part of living and of using the gifts we have been given to good use. In the development of our soul, it’s important to strive for excellence and impeccability.  But by accepting that we may not achieve perfection, we understand the need for the courage to change and grow so that we may be all that we were created to be.

Don’t add stress to your life by comparing yourself to others, or by beating yourself up because you did not reach the result you wanted.  Know this, that just by the effort, and the knowing that God loves you, you are perfect just as you are!

Quote of the Week

“I am careful not to confuse excellence with perfection. Excellence, I can reach for; perfection is God’s business.”  

Michael J. Fox


God’s Got This!

Have you ever had something you needed to do but it seemed like there was not enough time to do it – don’t sweat it!  God’ got it!Our maybe you have some financial concerns, or relationship issues, or employment challenges – don’t worry – God’s got it.  What about those times you have a big decision to make and are unsure of which way to go?

No fear, just know this – God’s got it!

We hear a lot, “Let go and let God”, but for me, saying, “God’s got it” seems a little bit more reassuring and, therefore, makes the letting go easier. Knowing that God’s got it takes not just faith, but love and trust. 

Chill out – “God’s got this!”

Quote of the Week

“You will trust God only as much as you love Him.” You will also only love God as much as you trust Him.”                                   Brennan Manning  



Spring is here and the whole earth is celebrating!  The days grow longer, the birds sing louder, the flowers bloom profusely, and the grass is greener.  As we shed our heavy coats and sweaters, Mother Nature puts on her spring finery.

I love spring – its such a time of renewal, growth, and CHANGE!    It is a season of restored vitality and a revival of energy that calls us to grow to our full potential.

Spring is a time of action and often seems like the shortest season squeezed in by winters that go beyond their welcome and summers that encroach on our romance with spring.

Spring needs to be appreciated and embraced when it is here. Enjoy it. Appreciate it. And use it for a resurgence of your own spiritual connection with Spirit. 

Quote of the Week

“The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.”

Harriet Ann Jacobs



Time is an elusive thing. 

We live our lives by time.  We work, play, sleep, and eat according to the clock.   Unlike money, we can’t make more time even if we wanted to.  Each day has the same amount of seconds, minutes, and hours as the day before.

What we can do is make the best use of the time we have each day by living life to the fullest.  To do that we must live in the moment because when we are living in the past or the future, we are missing our now and can never get it back.

How are you spending the 86,400 seconds you are given today?

Quote of the Week

“An inch of time is an inch of gold. But an inch of gold cannot buy an inch of time.”                                                      Chinese proverb 


Spiritual Home

Do you have a spiritual home? A place where you can go and be loved, accepted, encouraged, and emotionally supported? Having such a place is good for us on all levels.

It can be a church or other spiritual center, it can be a 12 step group, or a counseling group.  When we have such a group we feel loved, nurtured, and most importantly, we feel the love of God through the warm smiles, hugs and the welcome we feel when we are greeted like a prodigal son or daughter.

I have been blessed to have many such places in my life and they have been a haven when I needed one.  If you do not have a similar group in your life, please find one that coincides with your thinking and feelings.  You might find that this is the missing ingredient to a recipe for a wonderful life.

Quote of the Week

“We inherit our relatives and our features and may not escape them; but we can select our clothing and our friends, and let us be careful that both fit us.”

Volney St. Reamer