One Moment in Time

Sunday Service: 07/21/2019 – The Golden Rule

Rev. Annie McCary

Our own Rev. Annie joins us and talks about the many Moments in Time that affirmed her journey and encourages you to be aware of yours.

Annie is a Licensed Heal Your Life Workshop Facilitator and Life Coach. She is ordained as a Religious Science Minister, a Reiki practitioner, and Clinical Chaplain.



Every religion believes in prayer of some kind or form. Prayer (and meditation) are necessary to have a God Consciousness. God Consciousness is an awareness of a Higher Power at work in your life and in the world. It is that awareness, that connection that helps us get through whatever challenges life brings us.

Unfortunately, we often forget prayer and meditation when things are going well in our life. We think we can do it ourselves and we take off in whatever direction Life seems to be taking us. It is like a little child who learns how to ride a bike by his/herself. They forget about their parent who helped them learn that new skill and off they go on whatever adventure their new source of freedom takes them.

However, as soon as that same child has a bad fall, they come running home to their parent crying and seeking solace. So, too, with us. The dark times in life are there to remind us that no matter how proficient we seem on the bicycle of life, we are never too big to need our Higher Power when we have a bump on our journey.

When we pray and meditate on a regular basis – in good times and not such good times – we are building up our God Consciousness muscles. Those muscles may not keep us from the falls, but they sure help to avoid getting paralyzed by them.

Try for one month to pray and meditate on a daily basis and see if it it doesn’t make you flow with life and whatever it brings you.

Quote of the Week

“Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?”
Corrie ten Boom