What Do You Believe

What do you believe about God?

Is your Higher Power big enough that you can find the calm in the midst of a storm, strength at a time when we feel weak, comfort when you are grieving, loved when you feel unloved, and and wisdom that gives you a knowing that cannot come from any outer source?

A long time ago, I was asked to make a list of the characteristics of my Higher Power. Here is my list: God is is Presence, Power, Wisdom, Love, and Good.

This understanding has helped me in times that I felt powerless, unloved, filled with fear, and sadness. For me knowing God is good, means that in all things, there is some good that can come from it – even if it takes years to see it.

If God is Love than it lets me know that I am Loved unconditionally which brings me great comfort in times of need. If God is Power then when I feel weak or powerless, I can tap into that Power which is greater than me and can do all that is needed to do at any time. If God is Presence, it means that there is no where that I can be that God is not.

if you do not have a Higher Power that can be relied on, it may be time to look at what it is that you believe. For me, God never fails me, it is only my unbelief that keeps me from the Good that is God.

Quote of the Week

“Call this creative principle by any of its wonderful names: God, Life, Love, Mind, Spirit. It is ever present, all powerful, all wise, eternal.”
From the book: How to Let God Help You by Myrtle Fillmore


New Year – Fresh Start

Happy New Year!

The New Year is the perfect time for a fresh start in our lives. This fresh start can be in any area that may have been a challenge in 2018. We can now put those challenges behind us and look for ways to ensure that in 2019 we will, not only make a fresh start, but find new blessings in doing things a different way.

I am not talking about resolutions which usually are forgotten by the end of the month, but a commitment to take the challenges in our lives and make them opportunities to do something, not just differently, but better.

Let’s say 2018 was a year in which we were overeating and eating too much junk food, or being inactive and watching too much TV, or being disorganized, or being too self centered – the list can go on indefinitely. Rather than take on more than we can possibly handle – and, therefore, setting ourselves up for failure – pick one shortcoming and work on that.

Take it ONE day at a time, ONE pound at a time, ONE drawer at a time, ONE thing rather than EVERY thing. When we do this we are focused, single minded, and setting ourselves up for success!

Please do not waste time on wishing things were different or better in 2018. Put it behind you and move forward into 2019 with hope, energy, and prayer.

When we do this, opportunities will appear and we will find the inner strength and guidance to do what is ours to do to make 2019 a year to shine!

Quote of the Week

“This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change.”
Taylor Swift


‘Twas the Day after Christmas…

‘Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house…how would you end this sentence? Are you filled with sadness that Christmas is over or are you glad that it is behind you?

For many people, Christmas is a time where they are spread thin and by the time the holiday comes, they are filled more with exhaustion than joy. For others, it is such a magical time that as soon as Christmas has passed, they are beginning to look forward to the next Christmas.

Whatever you may be feeling today, the day after Christmas, remember this – the true meaning of Christmas is about hope, love, peace and joy. It is a time where people are nicer, friendlier, more considerate, etc. Now wouldn’t it be wonderful if every day could be like that – a little more like Christmas.

Quote of the Week

“It is Christmas every time you let God love others through you…yes, it is Christmas every time you smile at your brother and offer him your hand.”
Mother Teresa


Tis the Season of Love

Tis the Season of Love. It is not just a time to love our families and friends but to love everyone and everything. The birth of Jesus is about Love. The Love that is unconditional, does not judge, does not bargain, and does not have to be earned.

It is about God’s Love for us even though there may be times we may doubt that Love, or unable to experience it, it does not diminish the Love that is ours always. Sometimes we can feel that love when we look at our loved ones or when someone does something so loving to us, we can feel God’s Love through them.

Christmas Love is not about the romantic fickle love we find in fiction but a true, deep, constant Love that is never far. Remember this, whatever is going on in your life, no matter how appearances may seem, God’s Love is enfolding and embracing you.

That is a Love that you can count on, not just during the Christmas holiday but everyday.

Quote of the Week

“Love’s not always Christmas bells; Sometimes it’s as tough as nails. But one thing you’re sure to find, in the end there’s peace of mind.”

Joshua Aaron Guillory



Christmas time is a time of peace. Jesus is referred to as the Prince of Peace because he demonstrated that in the midst of conflict we can have peace.

In more current times we find the same demonstration of that kind of peace in Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. They too showed us that peace is always possible even in conflict.

But how do we find that peace when things seem to be chaotic, stressful, challenging, heartbreaking, and when life seems anything but peaceful? We go within, we find that secret place of the Most High that we all have within us. We pause when agitated and ask for help from our Higher Power.

When we do that, we find an inner strength and peace that is beyond anything that the world can bring us. We find the calm in the midst of the storm and with it the ability to keep on keeping on.

Peace be with you.

Quote of the Week

“Peace comes from within.  Do not seek it without.” 
Siddhartha Gautama