What do you think of when you hear the word, POWER?

There are people who spend a lifetime looking for fame and fortune in order to obtain the power to control their world. But power that comes from sheer will and force never lasts. That’s because it is based on external conditions such as the amount of money one possesses, political standing, fame, or physical prowess – but these are all fleeting.

True Power comes from within and is based on Spirit. It is the Power that allows people to rise above their external circumstances. It allows someone to make positive changes in the world which endure long after they are gone. People with this kind of Power are ones whose names we respect because they have made changes for the better, not just for themselves, but for all of humankind.

When I think of Power, Mahatma Gandhi comes to mind. This man of slight build, who had no big political title and did not make huge sums of money, not only changed his own country, India, but also influenced such people as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nelson Mandela. He showed the world how peace is more powerful than violence, and his example has made a difference in millions of lives.

So how do we find the power we need to overcome the challenges in our own lives? We tap into a Power greater than ourselves through prayer and meditation when we feel too weak or powerless to do what is ours to do. Remember, it is not the “little I” but the “I AM” within us, that makes a difference, in our lives, and in the world.

Quote of the Week

“The day the power of Love overrules the love of power, the world {and ourselves} will know peace.” Mahatma Gandhi



When you hear the word wisdom what do think of?  Someone who has a great deal of knowledge such as Albert Einstein?  Maybe there is someone in your own life that you think of when you think of wisdom.  Wisdom is different from knowledge.  Knowledge is just the accumulation of information but there are a lot of smart people that fall short in the area of wisdom.

I recently read this analogy as an example of the difference between wisdom and knowledge. Knowing a tomato is a fruit is knowledge, knowing not to put a tomato in a fruit salad is wisdom.

Wisdom is the ability to discern, judge, chose what is the best thing not just for ourselves as individuals but is good for all concerned.  It comes not from books but from tapping into the Divine Wisdom deep inside all of us.  Wisdom is within us to guide our choices rightly and so determines the life we live.  In fact, our life up to this point is a direct result of what we have chosen in the past.  Has our life been guided by our inner wisdom, or by the whims of the outside world?

This does not mean we need to beat ourselves up for choices that resulted in negative outcomes.  If we are not happy with the results of seemingly bad decisions, we just need to decide differently and consult our inner wisdom (our intuition).   And when we make these new choices, it can be a little scary.  But it is by exhibiting courage, by making the uncomfortable choices, that we are often blessed by some of the greatest gifts in our lives. Logic is great, but sometimes, it is our best thinking that got us into trouble in the first place.

The most important thing is for us not to shrink from those big decisions, to understand that we need only go within and we will intuitively know what is or is not ours to do. Remember that making no decision is in fact making a decision – to do nothing!

Quote of the Week

“It is not our abilities that show what we are – it is our choices.” — Professor Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets


The heart dances to its own beat

Five months ago, when our dog Willow died, I thought my heart had broken. He was such a good dog and an amazing companion for 16 years. I thought I would never get another dog. I even told myself that life was easier and less complicated when there was no animal to worry about or deal with – not to mention all the money I would save.

However, although some things make a lot of sense to the brain, the heart dances to its own beat of the drum. When I was in Ohio in December visiting my grandchildren I spent a lot of time with the family dog, Baby. She is a wonderful, loving being who must have sensed I was still healing a broken heart over Willow, because she lavished me with love and affection.

It was then I realized that even though it made “sense” to not get another pet, I was reminded that there are things that defy logic. For non-animal people, it is hard to understand why we would upset our lives, and spend a great deal of money, time and attention to a pet. After all, there are many reasons not to own a pet and only one to own one… Love.

dogHaving a living breathing being who is there only for the purpose of loving you opens up the human heart in a way nothing else can. Saving an animal from a life of hell or death, warms the soul and makes one believe that in some small way, a simple act has made a huge difference in another’s life.

So we began to look for a dog and, although it seemed nothing was working out, I decided to just turn it all over to God knowing that as we were looking for the right dog, she was looking for us.

Then on Saturday we found each other! Her name is Kali which is a Sanskrit name of a Hindu goddess representing empowerment. She had been dropped off in the night deposit drop box of a shelter during the night because her owner received a new puppy and no longer wanted an older dog. Her story broke my heart and is an indication of our society’s love of all things new, while thoughtlessly discarding the old.

She is gentle, yet fearless; agile and athletic, yet warm and friendly. She has soft brown eyes, a button nose and a smile that is contagious.  She is a gift who has opened my heart and awakened my soul.

Quote of the Week

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” — Anatole France

In One Spirit,