Christmas time is a time for “peace on earth, goodwill to men”.  However, peace begins with us as individuals for how can we have “peace on earth”, when we feel no peace within ourselves.

I believe that what keeps us from a feeling of peace is one of two things – we allow circumstances outside to take away any peace we might be feeling or we allow thoughts within to steal our peace.

Often we let people, places and things/events disturb our peace.  Michael Singer in his book, The Untethered Soul, says that when someone or something is disturbing us, that we pull back (mentally and emotionally) from that thing. By creating a space, we allow the disturbance to pass by without attaching itself to us.  Try this – the next time something out there bothers you, mentally pull back and see if you do not feel more peace in the situation.

The second thing that disturbs our peace is the negative thoughts about ourselves that we hold onto – thoughts of low self-esteem, guilt, shame or unforgiveness for others or ourselves.  How can we be at peace in the world if we are not at peace with ourselves?  If we believe in a Higher Power that is Perfection, how can we believe it can create anything less than perfection?  That does not mean that we have no flaws, it just means that we are a work in progress.

This holiday season, as things get more and more hectic, remember that peace is an inside job, and peace on earth will only happen when we feel peace within.


Quote of the Week

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.”              Ralph Waldo Emerson


Where do you put your faith?

Where do you put your faith?  Some people put their faith in their bank accounts, jobs, relationships, their own ability, the medical profession, et al.  If we put our faith in anything of this physical domain, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment or heartache.

The things of this world are fickle and transient.  Only that which is permanent and true is worthy of our faith.  When we place our faith in a Power greater than us (or this world), we become filled with a knowing that whatever comes our way, we will be able to handle it.

Everyone goes through challenges in life – we have those times when we are lost or confused, where we don’t feel physically well, or our finances seem inadequate for our needs.

Somehow when we go through such difficulties, we find the strength to rise above them.  That strength comes from a Power Greater Than Ourselves.  Faith does not mean we won’t face any difficulties; it means we will be able to walk through them knowing at the other end of the dark tunnel there will be light.


Quote of the Week

“Faith is like a bird that feels dawn breaking and sings while it is  still dark.”
                                                                                                      Rabindranath Tagore



Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday because it reminds us to be grateful.  Gratitude is a law of life and an inexorable principle that when we develop it, our happiness increases.  The more we are grateful, the more reasons for being grateful increase.

Everyday we should, therefore, practice gratitude.  Gratitude lists are a great tool for doing this, but this Thanksgiving holiday, try a practice of gratitude in action.  Gratitude in action is not just listing what we are grateful for, but doing unselfish acts for others.  When we give of ourselves without any thought of what we will get back in return, we find our hearts are filled with gratitude and happiness.

Remember that there is a flow of energy in the universe which means that the more energy you give out, the more it returns to you.  This applies to gratitude as well.

So when you are enjoying all the wonderful food, football, family, and friends this year, ask yourself, how can I use this gratitude in service to others?

Quote of the Week

“The virtue of gratitude directly touches the ultimate foundations of human existence, for there is hardly another quality of man that is so suited to reveal the state of his inner spiritual and moral health as his capacity to be grateful.”

Otto Friedrich Bollnow


Believing is Seeing

We have all heard the expression “Seeing is Believing” but in Truth, it should be “Believing is Seeing”. We have been programed to believe that what we see is what is real, but is it really true?

When we see something, it falls on the retina of the eye upside down like a camera lens. Then, through the nerve endings that are sensitive to light, we get the picture over several recording points. Due to the miracle of vision, however, we do not see all the points because they are transformed into a solid view.
Even so, what the mind sees is not this solid picture that is communicated to the brain, but what our awareness has conditioned us to see.

So, it is not that seeing is believing but really that believing is seeing. That means that if something is not right in our lives, the solution is not so much setting things right but seeing it rightly.

For example, the more we worry about something the more likely it is that the thing we fear will come to be. We short change ourselves by our limiting attitudes. For us to fully experience all the beauty around us we have to look at life through a new pair of glasses.

Quote of the Week

“Good times, hard times – this is what people keep saying. But let us live well, and the times shall be good. We are the times. Such as we are, such are the times.”
St. Augustine


Letting go of our baggage

Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling less than fabulous? Have you ever thought that something was holding you back from the life – physically, spiritually, or emotionally – that you wanted?

Sometimes the things that hold us back from living the life we seek are the “baggage’ that we carry around with us. This baggage can consist of habits, negative thoughts, or personality traits that may have worked once for us but now keep us from that which we truly want.

It is like walking around dragging a bag of potatoes – day after day. It may not be a problem at first but it is not long before the potatoes begin to stink and the weight of carrying them around wears us out.

It might be time to look within and identify those “potatoes”. Once we know what is holding us back, we can ask our Higher Power to help us rid ourselves of them. When we do this we will feel a new freedom and a greater connection to Spirit. It will be like the “weight of the world” was removed from our shoulders.

Quote of the Week

“If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we aren’t really living”. 
Gail Sheehy