GIve a little gratitude

Sunday was Mother’s Day and all over the country people expressed gratitude and well wishes to their mothers and other women who meant a great deal to them.  Holidays, such as Mother’s Day, and Father’s Day, are wonderful opportunities to express such gratitude, but it would be so much better if we remembered to express our gratitude for the people in our lives without needing a holiday to do so.

Gratitude is a wonderful feeling that gets us out of self-pity and self-centeredness better than anything else.  It is impossible to be in gratitude for our blessings and to be filled with self-involvement.  

Gratitude is also an amazing way to let those who have made a positive impact on our lives know that.  Too often we do not let others know how much they have made a difference in our lives until it is too late, and we eulogize after they are gone.

Do not wait to express your gratitude to those in your life.  If we put it off, we may not have the opportunity to do it at a later time. 

Today, make someone’s day and let them know how grateful you are to know them and have them in your life.  It not only will make someone’s day, but it is a great way to make you more grateful for everything in your life.

Quote of the Week

“You cannot do a kindness too soon because you never know how soon it will be too late.”        

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Is it time for a change within?

Is there any area of your life that you would like to improve – relationships, finances, employment, connection with God, etc.?

Have you tried, and tried, to change it with no luck?  Maybe you were putting your efforts in the wrong area.  When things are not as we would like them to be, we try changing everything “out there” instead of working on what we really need to change – ourselves.            

Years ago, I was a physical mess.  I would get sick all the time and I would joke that if someone across the street sneezed, I got a cold.  The truth was, I did not take care of myself by eating well, exercising, and indulging in cigarette smoking and drinking.  Once I got sick and tired (literally as well as figuratively) of being sick and tired all the time, I decided to make some changes.

First I had to make a decision to make the changes. Then I had to take the action to bring about the changes.  I became a vegetarian, started walking, gave up smoking and drinking, and eventually gave up all the other addictions that were wreaking havoc on my body. 

The most powerful tool we have is our mind.  When we make up our mind, become determined to change something, and then, in conjunction with God, we can begin to change the only thing we can – ourselves.

Do not be satisfied with a life that is not in alignment with God’s purpose for us – to be whole, healthy, loving, kind, compassionate, and abundant.  Remember we were created in the image and likeness of God.  

Is your life in harmony with God’s will for you?  What changes are you willing to make?                                                             

Quote of the Week

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. “

Albert Einstein


Surrender to Win

Have you ever felt helpless?  Maybe it was a health issue, a financial one, or addiction or habit you could not control?  Or maybe it was something as simple as trying to get a loved one to do something you know is best for them?  No matter how much you tried, you just could not do anything about it.

The reason is that you are personally powerless over the problem.  You may have even sought help from doctors, therapists, self-help books, or your closest friends and family.  You keep trying without any luck.  There is a lot we are personally powerless over – from things like the weather to get our loved ones to do what we want them to do.  In truth, we are personally powerless over people, places, and things.  The truth is that the only thing we can control is our reaction to the things outside our control

You might feel frustrated and think there is no hope.  However, there is hope and that is through the act of surrender.  Contrary to popular opinion, sometimes you have to surrender to win.  What are we surrendering to?  To God, Higher Power, Spirit, the Universe – whatever you call the God of your understanding.

When we surrender, we are not giving up, we are just accepting what we cannot change or control, God can.  God is our help in whatever we need but we must let go of the wheel and allow God to be in the driver’s seat.

Sound scary?  It can be but it is the best chance we have.  Don’t believe it?  Give it a try. You might be amazed at what can happen.

Quote of the Week

“What is impossible with men is possible with God.”

Luke 18:27



Have you ever been so tired, overwhelmed, stressed out; or feeling like you have nothing left to give? Did you ever find yourself knowing that you should put God first and yet putting It last?  I sure have been feeling that lately!

Some call it a “dark night of the soul”.   Such times can be brought about by physical issues, financial or relationship issues, or stress from a job, a move, or other big changes in our life.  No matter what we call it, the end result is usually the same – feeling disconnected to our HP at a time we need to be closely connected. 

Recently during such a time, the thought came to me that I did not have to seek God but just know God was always seeking me. I am filled with Spirit, not just during the times I feel it, but, also, during the times I do not feel it. 

If God is Omnipresence that means, there is nowhere that God is not. God is within me, whether  I feel it or acknowledge it.  So, it is not so much about my seeking God as to allow myself to know and be aware that The Presence is always within me.  

Quote of the Week

“I live in the faith that there is a Presence and Power greater than I am that nurtures and supports me in ways I could not even imagine. I know that this Presence is All-knowing and All Power and is Always right where I am”.

Ernest Holmes


God’s Will?

One of my favorite prayers is “God’s Will be done”.  It is simple and direct, the only problem is that I usually don’t know what God’s will is for me at any given time.  

But there are a few things I do believe.  I know God’s will for me is good because God is good.  I know that God’s will is not just good for me but must be good for everyone involved. I also know that God’s will for me is to be of maximum service to God and to do onto others today the way I wish to be treated tomorrow. 

Beyond that, I do not have a clue as to what is God’s will when it comes to the decisions I have to make each day – big and small.    I take it one thing at a time.  I believe that is all we can ever do. One day at a time, live a life on which we try to do the right thing, be a good person, and live by the golden rule.

Quote of the Week

“The will of God will not take you where the grace of God won’t keep you>”

Author Unknown