The Kindness of Others

It never ceases to amaze me how God works in our lives if we are open and willing to see and receive it. Through all my tears and grief, I am still blown away by God’s love working in and through the acts of kindness and generosity of others.

The latest was an opportunity to spend five days in a fantastic place near one of my favorite spots, Crystal Cove. Words cannot express how grateful I feel and how much my body and soul needed this respite.

I think too often we have expectations of some “big” sign from God – the healing of a loved one or maybe winning the lottery and when that doesn’t happen, we claim it as evidence that God is not at work in and through our lives.

In looking for the “big” miracles, we often miss the little and not-so-little miracles happening daily in our lives. I invite you to take time today to look for the little signs that God is not only present but active in your life today.  

I think you will be amazed and filled with gratitude. I am – grateful to God and all of God’s angels in my life.

Quote of the Week

God works through people by stirring their hearts, and sometimes people 

never know how they are helping others.”

Colby Buzzell

The Art of Relationships

We all want happy, harmonious relationships in our lives, whether they are relationships with a significant other, friends, family, our spiritual community, or our work community. However, we cannot have relationships with others unless we have a good relationship with ourselves and God.  

In Truth, we cannot help but have excellent relationships when we have a loving relationship with God and ourselves. So why are some relationships so challenging? More importantly, how do we change relationships from difficult to one that feeds our soul?

First, we have to look within and see what in us needs to be changed rather than trying to change someone else. I am not referring to changing ourselves to meet the expectations of others, but how can we see the relationship differently, and if we cannot heal it, have the strength to let it go?

An essential tool for relationship happiness, as well as our joy, is to surrender. When I say surrender, I am referring to letting go of the illusion that I am the power that controls all aspects of my life.

Yes, we determine our lives by our consciousness, but we cannot change other people, places, or things – only ourselves and our illusion that we can, bring us much unhappiness in our lives and relationships. 

We need to surrender physically, mentally, and spiritually to win in this life. Over the following weeks, we will look not only at surrender and what else is necessary for us to have peaceful, happy, harmonious, and loving relationships in our lives.

Quote of the Week

“Happy relationships depend not on finding the right person, but on being the right person.”

Eric Butterworth

In the tears and the laughter

When I was a young child, I thought God was some being up in the sky. Consequently, I could not figure out how he could look out for me and still be able to take care of everyone else.  It was so impossible to imagine that I used such reasoning as proof that there was no God because no one Being could be in all places at once.

As an adult after spending time with New Thought authors like Emmett Fox and Eric Butterworth, I began to understand that God was not a person, God was not a being, that God was a Presence that is everywhere present.

That means that God is in the good and the not-so-good.   God is in the joy and in the sorrow, in the light, and in the dark.  God is in life and in death.

I certainly doubted that as I watched my beloved soul mate, Christopher, struggle and suffer in the last couple of weeks of his life.  I began to wonder where God was. It wasn’t until the suffering was over that I knew that God was there allowing us to spend our last moments just as we had gotten through all our past challenges, together – loving each other, supporting each other, and comforting each other.

It would be nice if we didn’t have to go through the heartaches and challenges of life, but as Christopher use to tell me, God is Creator, Maintainer, and Destroyer.  Nothing is permanent in this world except God and so we have to release and let go, no matter how much it breaks our hearts.  Because God is in the tears we shed as well as the laughter we share.

Quote of the Week

Where shall I go from your Spirit? Or where shall I flee from your presence?”

Psalm 139, v. 7.

Living One Day At A Time

The one fact of life is that no matter how you try to control things, life has a way of throwing you a curve.  More often than not, it seems to come out of the left field when least expected.

My brother-in-law always did the food shopping for the house.  One day he went out to do the shopping as usual however, he fell in the parking lot (no one knows why). Someone saw him go down and called 911.  He never regained consciousness and three days later he died.

My sister and her husband would have been married 56 years this August.  They lived in the same house for 55 of those years and my brother-in-law taught at the same school his whole teaching career.

The point of this story is that no matter what we do to try and control our lives, in truth, we only have one day at a time.  When we do live trying to determine what happens, we only get frustrated and filled with anger and resentment.

Life is too short.  We need to remember to take time to “smell the roses”, to tell the people we love that we love them, and to remember we are all on this earth only temporarily so let us appreciate and enjoy all that comes our way, living in gratitude, one day at a time and, if needed, one hour or a minute at a time.

Quote of the Week

“Be present in all things and thankful for all things.” 
Maya Angelou

Still, I will Trust

One of my favorite gospel songs is entitled, “Still I will Trust You”.  The song is about trusting the  God of your understanding even when it is not easy when every cell in your body wants to just scream or cry.  That is easy to say but often not easy to do.

It is easy to trust a Higher Power when everything in your life is going well.  Then believing in a God that is good and wants only good for you is a “walk in the park”.  But what about those dark nights of the soul when it’s a challenge to believe that what is going on in your life is not only God’s will but is good.

Those are the times your faith is challenged and it is easy to feel like you are walking alone through life.  If we can hold on during those times to the belief that whether we like our reality or not, to “still Trust You (God)”.

To have those times of doubt or fear is human, that this spiritual journey is one of progress, not perfection. And most importantly, to not deny those human times but understand they are part of our journey as much as the times of spiritual awareness. 

Quote of the Week

“While the storm rages on, and I can’t find my way
still, I will trust You, Lord”

“Still I will trust You”, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir