‘Tis the Season of Peace

This, the 2nd week of Advent is about Peace.  What does Peace mean to you?  Does it mean freedom from strife?  Or does it mean a positive assurance that only good is true?  When we are peaceful within, we are rarely disturbed by external events.

This is not as easy as said.  In this hectic time of year, made even more challenging with Covid, it sometimes seems difficult to find peace.   How we do that is by taking time away from all that we have to do and find the time to connect with God.  When we take time to be in the silence, we allow the peace of God to fill us.  By doing so, we allow the Power, which is our Source, to fill us with a limitless source of strength, energy, and peacefulness.

We can travel and journey far and wide to find a place that is peaceful, but the true journey to peace is made in our consciousness.  For wherever we go, there we are.  If we are filled with fear and worry, even if we escape to a peaceful place, that fear and worry will be there with us.

When we connect in our hearts and minds with the inner peace that is always available to us, we not only feel the peace but we, also, help to bring peace into the world.

Quote of the Week

“The wise person looks within his heart and finds eternal peace.”

Hindu proverb  



Christmas time is a time of peace. Jesus is referred to as the Prince of Peace because he demonstrated that in the midst of conflict we can have peace.

In more current times we find the same demonstration of that kind of peace in Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. They too showed us that peace is always possible even in conflict.

But how do we find that peace when things seem to be chaotic, stressful, challenging, heartbreaking, and when life seems anything but peaceful? We go within, we find that secret place of the Most High that we all have within us. We pause when agitated and ask for help from our Higher Power.

When we do that, we find an inner strength and peace that is beyond anything that the world can bring us. We find the calm in the midst of the storm and with it the ability to keep on keeping on.

Peace be with you.

Quote of the Week

“Peace comes from within.  Do not seek it without.” 
Siddhartha Gautama



Christmas time is a time for “peace on earth, goodwill to men”.  However, peace begins with us as individuals for how can we have “peace on earth”, when we feel no peace within ourselves.

I believe that what keeps us from a feeling of peace is one of two things – we allow circumstances outside to take away any peace we might be feeling or we allow thoughts within to steal our peace.

Often we let people, places and things/events disturb our peace.  Michael Singer in his book, The Untethered Soul, says that when someone or something is disturbing us, that we pull back (mentally and emotionally) from that thing. By creating a space, we allow the disturbance to pass by without attaching itself to us.  Try this – the next time something out there bothers you, mentally pull back and see if you do not feel more peace in the situation.

The second thing that disturbs our peace is the negative thoughts about ourselves that we hold onto – thoughts of low self-esteem, guilt, shame or unforgiveness for others or ourselves.  How can we be at peace in the world if we are not at peace with ourselves?  If we believe in a Higher Power that is Perfection, how can we believe it can create anything less than perfection?  That does not mean that we have no flaws, it just means that we are a work in progress.

This holiday season, as things get more and more hectic, remember that peace is an inside job, and peace on earth will only happen when we feel peace within.


Quote of the Week

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.”              Ralph Waldo Emerson