Have a Joy Filled Christmas

Christmas is just a few days away!  Depending on how you feel about this holiday, you may be filled with joy, stressed out, oblivious, or dreading it. What often amazes me is how in the midst of not feeling joy, often comes our most significant opportunities for not only spiritual growth but true joy.

True joy comes from within.  Nestled deep within each of us is a source of joy that is boundless and eternal – the spirit of God.   We are a sacred part of all that is God, and Christmas is a chance to celebrate that part of us that is that sacred person – the Christ – we were created to be.

However, sometimes the best part of us comes from the most challenging times. In a time of despair and despondency, Charles Dickens wrote one of his best and most famous works, A Christmas Carol.  Often the most significant gifts come from the biggest storms in life.

Where can we find what brings us joy from within?  We might find it celebrating with family, watching a child anticipate Santa’s visit, or maybe finding someplace we can give to others rather than seeing what we can get. 

The joy we feel whenever we commune with the spirit of God within us is a lasting source of strength and renewal.  When we feel our connection with God we receive energy, enthusiasm, and a wonderful sense of well-being.  When we turn to God for our strength in joy, we know we can do whatever is in front of us.

So this next week, as we prepare for Christmas, let us enjoy this holiday time – the sights, the sounds, and the feeling of hope, peace, and love that is part of the holiday.  And as we do, we cannot help but remember that God is our source of everlasting joy.

May this week leading up to Christmas be filled with hope, peace, love, and joy, and may these four things draw to you all the happiness our hearts can hold.

Merry Christmas!

The Love of the Season

Tis the Season of Love.  It is not just a time to love our families and friends but everyone and everything.  The birth of Jesus is about Love.  Unconditional Love, does not judge, does not bargain, and does not have to be earned.

It is about God’s Love for us even though there may be times we may doubt that Love, or are unable to experience it, it does not diminish the Love that is ours always.  Sometimes we can feel that love when we look at our loved ones or when someone does something so loving to us, we can feel God’s Love through them.

Christmas Love is not about the fickle romantic love we find in fiction but a true, deep, constant Love that is never far.  Remember this, whatever is going on in your life, no matter how appearances may seem, God’s Love is enfolding and embracing you.

That is a Love that you can count on, not just during the Christmas holiday but every day.

Quote of the Week
“Love’s not always Christmas bells; Sometimes it’s as tough as nails. But one thing you’re sure to find, in the end there’s peace of mind.”

Joshua Aaron Guillory

Peace of Advent

This week of Advent is about Peace. Peace is more than freedom from strife. It is a positive assurance that only good is true. When we are peaceful within, external events rarely disturb that “calm peace of our soul.”

Although we may think it is true, withdrawing from the physical or emotional world does not seem to be a wise person’s path to eternal Peace. We are placed in the world to deal with it, not escape it; to integrate ourselves with it, not separate into a fragment apart from it; and to find a way to be of benefit and service to the world, not to shun it or harden ourselves to it. Yet it seems unavoidable to find Peace in our hearts while world events stir up both positive and negative feelings.

It seems the only time we feel at Peace is when we think we have things under control. Unfortunately, that control is an illusion, and when reality sets in we find ourselves again lacking in inner Peace.

Quote of the Week

“The wise person looks within his heart and finds eternal peace.”

Hindu proverb