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A Decision for 2021

2021!  A New Year and new hope.  For many people, 2020 could not have ended any sooner.  It was not an easy year for sure!

A new year, especially this new year, is a great time to start something new, to embark on a new adventure – not a physical one but one of the soul – a Hero’s Journey into the depth of our being.  

The Hero’s Journey is a monomyth in which the hero ventures into unknown territory to retrieve something they need or something that is valuable.  To do that, they face conflict and adversity, yet eventually the hero triumphs and then returns home, transformed.

I believe 2021 is a perfect year to begin our own journey because it is a time ripe for change.  The reward may not be power, a treasure, or an assignment to change the world, but it will, guaranteed, change our lives, our outlook on life, and bring us to a greater awareness of Spirit working in and through our lives. 

Quote of the Week

“If you can now say that you want to know more of God and that you want God to be more active in your life, then you’ve made an important decision.  You have set yourself up to accept good, and that’s all that you need to be born again…and again…and again”.

“The Quest, a Journey of Spiritual Rediscovery” by Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla


Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021!

2020 is almost over, and for many, it cannot come quickly enough.  

Yes, it was not an easy year.  There were natural disasters, racial injustice and riots, and a world pandemic that not only changed the economic climate but also changed the way people lived and related to others.

But I believe if we want 2021 to a better year, we have to find good in 2020.  To truly let something go, without carrying negativity forward into the future, we have to accept and find the good before we can truly move on.  If we do not, we carry the negative with us, wherever we go. 

Releasing the negativity of the past year is good, and doing some kind of ceremony, makes it even more powerful.  However, when you are done listing what you want to let go of, also write down all the good that came this year.  

You will have then completed the year and be ready to list your intentions for the new year.  Intentions are a road map and help you move in the right direction.  It might be something concrete – like a job or home, but it, also, can be our attitude like being more present, more compassionate, kinder, gentler, more conscious, and more loving, to name a few.

So, celebrate the new year but also celebrate the old one – we are the result of all that has happened in our lives and that means not just the positive but the negative as well.

Have a Happy and Safe New Year and may 2021 be all you wish for it to be.

Quote of the Week

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”

Albert Einstein


‘Tis the Season of Joy

‘Tis the Season of Joy

Do you feel joyful?  Or is Covid getting you down this Christmas season?  Nothing should be able to rob you of your joy since joy is an inside thing as opposed to happiness which is often based on external conditions.

Joy is within our own power to express because no person, condition, circumstance, or outside issues can keep us from it.  If we truly want to experience this blissfulness, share ourselves with others.

One of the best ways to bring forth that joy that is within us all is through loving service.  That service does not have to be a big thing – it can be a word of encouragement or some simple act of kindness.  

If you are not feeling joyous this holiday season, try doing something for someone else and see if it does not fill you with a joy that springs up deep from within.

Quote of the Week

 “Joy can be real only if people look upon their life as a service, and have a definite object in life outside themselves and their personal happiness.”

Leo Tolstoy 


‘Tis the Season of Love

‘Tis the Season of Love!

This is because the story of Christmas is a Love story.

It is the story of the Love of Joseph for Mary, the story of the Love of Mary for her newborn son, Jesus. The story of Love for strangers – the shepherds and the wise men, but mostly it is the story of God’s Love for us. 

With the birth of Jesus, it is a reminder that God is Love and that Love wants us to know that we are Loved, that we are whole, and that within us all is God.  It is a reminder to give the Love we have received back into the world.  To allow the Love within us to pour forth from our thoughts, words, and actions and to let Love be the bond between ourselves and each person who touches our lives. 

This is truly the way to celebrate the holiday season – to give our Love to everyone we meet. 

Have a Happy Holiday by sharing your Love with all.

Quote of the Week

Just remember the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart.”     

 From “The Polar Express”


‘Tis the Season of Peace

This, the 2nd week of Advent is about Peace.  What does Peace mean to you?  Does it mean freedom from strife?  Or does it mean a positive assurance that only good is true?  When we are peaceful within, we are rarely disturbed by external events.

This is not as easy as said.  In this hectic time of year, made even more challenging with Covid, it sometimes seems difficult to find peace.   How we do that is by taking time away from all that we have to do and find the time to connect with God.  When we take time to be in the silence, we allow the peace of God to fill us.  By doing so, we allow the Power, which is our Source, to fill us with a limitless source of strength, energy, and peacefulness.

We can travel and journey far and wide to find a place that is peaceful, but the true journey to peace is made in our consciousness.  For wherever we go, there we are.  If we are filled with fear and worry, even if we escape to a peaceful place, that fear and worry will be there with us.

When we connect in our hearts and minds with the inner peace that is always available to us, we not only feel the peace but we, also, help to bring peace into the world.

Quote of the Week

“The wise person looks within his heart and finds eternal peace.”

Hindu proverb