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The Gifts of Giving

One of the greatest spiritual tools is giving.  People who are givers are those who are convinced that life is a giving process and they give in all different ways.  They give themselves away in service and any other helpful way they can because they are secure in the knowledge that their good comes not from without but from within.

Giving is a way to truly live a life that is free from financial insecurity because givers come from knowing that you cannot outgive God.  Knowing that they live a life of complete trust that their needs will be met.  Because they are secure in this knowledge and belief, they are happy, satisfied, and prosperous. 

I know someone from Miami who lived in his car and was the happiest person I had ever met.  The reason – although he did not have much by the standards of the world, he was always giving – giving his time, his talents, and often his money (although he did not have much).  He used to say that he was “the richest man in Miami” and anyone who knew him would concur.  He believed life was not meant to be endured – but to be enjoyed!

This is because what we get from giving is way beyond our ability to see because it is so much more than we can comprehend. It is living a life of joy and serenity that comes from the depths of our being and there is no monetary amount we can place on that.

Quote of the Week

“No true spiritual life is possible without  a generous heart.”



Why Worry!

Do you find yourself worrying about money – that what you have won’t be enough, that you have no chance to change your financial situation, or maybe that you will outlive your money?

Worrying about anything, including money, has never gotten anyone anywhere.

In New Thought, we know that what ideas we hold in our consciousness, we manifest in our life.  So the more we worry about something, the more likely that what we worry about will come to be what we experience.

In Matt 6:27, Jesus said “And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life? “  Here he is telling us to stop worrying because worry never gets us anywhere.  Instead, we should be dwelling on the abundance that is in this universe, that is all around us and available to us.  Eric Butterworth states that “our most important asset is the conscious control of your own life. Nothing else can satisfy or fulfill unless you enjoy the freedom that comes from control of your inner world of mind and emotions.”

One way to do that is through gratitude. Gratitude is more than just a reactionary emotion but is a causative energy meaning it actually opens us up to receive all that the Universe has to offer.  So take the time to think of all that you have and know that when we live in a state of gratitude, we will see all that we have and more to be grateful about.

Quote of the Week

“God is the source of a mighty stream of substance, and you are a tributary of that stream, a channel of expression. Blessing the substance increases its flow.”

Charles Fillmore


Judge Not?

“Judge not lest you be judged” we are told.  Sometimes it is easier said than done.  Often we allow our minds to label people, places, things, or situations as good or bad.  And as often as we judge, we eventually find we are wrong.  When we judge others we are coming from a place of pride rather than humility.

When someone  cuts us off in traffic or in line, we tend to judge them as rude, as if they did it on purpose to us.  But maybe they were in a hurry because they just found out their child was sick and they had to pick them up at school. Most often persons cutting off others do not do this on purpose but simply have not allowed themselves a greater distance.

Other times we judge people based on how they look.  I once had a cashier act surprised and made a comment because I used my phone to pay the bill.  She couldn’t believe someone my age could do that (because “everyone knows old people can’t handle technology”).

We don’t like it when people judge us, so we should take care not to judge others.  Like the saying says, don’t judge a person till you walk a mile in their shoes.

Also, be careful of judging situations in your life as good or bad.  We don’t know what path God lays out for us until we get to the end of the road and often the hardest roads are the ones that lead to our highest good.  

Quote of the Week

“Stop judging life! Look at every event as blessed. It is offering you the fastest track to

get onto your highest, happiest and most successful state. Your soul is working it all

out perfectly. When you accept this you will make life amendments easily and lovingly.

Then the pain stops and the joyous creation begins.”              Melanie 


A Divine Paradox

I have discussed many times the Law of Mind Action – “Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind”, also known in some circles as the Law of Karma.  In the Revealing word, Charles Filmore states, “Divine law cannot be broken. It holds man responsible for the results of his labors”.  

However, the law, also known as Cause and Effect, is part of a paradox in regard to the Divine.  A paradox is an assertion that may appear contradictory or opposed to common sense but is nevertheless true.

That means that there is but one law, the law of cause and effect and it is perpetually operating everywhere and in everything to establish divine order and divine justice. However, the grace of God is also perpetually operative. It is God’s love in action. Grace does not operate contrary to law; it is a higher aspect of the law. Grace works to ensure that the law benefits and blesses us. 

Grace is the unconditional love of God always available to us and no matter what we may or may not do, Grace is God’s commitment to love us regardless.  This is important for us to remember because it means that God is always working from Love and for our good – even in those times when it may seem anything but for our good.  Knowing this makes it possible to hold onto something positive when the “facts of reality” may seem otherwise.

If you remember nothing else, know this – God is Love – and Love cannot do anything but Love.  In the darkest hours, this Love is working in and through our lives whether we can see it or not.  This is where faith and trust come in.  We have to have faith that the Grace of God is at work in our lives and we have to trust that in spite of appearances that Grace is present in ALL circumstances.

Quote of the Week

“You do not have to earn grace. It is not something that comes only to the good. It comes to all alike, simply because all alike are expressions of God”

Eric Butterworth – “Celebrate Yourself! “


The Answer to Fear

Fear – it can be our worse enemy.  Fear, especially the unfounded fear of almost everything, has a way of breeding more fear and keeping our good from us.

When I say fear I am not talking about the fear of a present danger – say someone holding a gun to your head.  That is known as spontaneous fear – the kind which is difficult to control and which passes when the danger is over.

No, the fear I am talking about is the kind of fear that is fabricated in the sense that is something we should have control over and yet we don’t.  Examples are fears that something bad is going happen such as fear of getting old, fear of failure, fear of being alone, fear of being sick, etc. even when there is no indication that which we fear will happen.

 I had a friend recently who was driving to visit another friend she had not seen in a long time. The joy of seeing her friend was lost because she had so much fear that her car would not be able to make it.  You might be thinking, ‘I’d be afraid to if I had an old car” but her car was only a year old, in great shape and there was no reason it would not make it. 

No matter what we fear, the answer is the same – God.  When we live with the attitude that “God has got my back” our fears disappear and we find the courage to explore new avenues of opportunity and growth.


“Fears are nothing more than a state of mind.” 

Napoleon Hill