Believing is Seeing

We have all heard the expression “Seeing is Believing” but in Truth, it should be “Believing is Seeing”. We have been programed to believe that what we see is what is real, but is it really true?

When we see something, it falls on the retina of the eye upside down like a camera lens. Then, through the nerve endings that are sensitive to light, we get the picture over several recording points. Due to the miracle of vision, however, we do not see all the points because they are transformed into a solid view.
Even so, what the mind sees is not this solid picture that is communicated to the brain, but what our awareness has conditioned us to see.

So, it is not that seeing is believing but really that believing is seeing. That means that if something is not right in our lives, the solution is not so much setting things right but seeing it rightly.

For example, the more we worry about something the more likely it is that the thing we fear will come to be. We short change ourselves by our limiting attitudes. For us to fully experience all the beauty around us we have to look at life through a new pair of glasses.

Quote of the Week

“Good times, hard times – this is what people keep saying. But let us live well, and the times shall be good. We are the times. Such as we are, such are the times.”
St. Augustine

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