Being the Light

We say in Unity that every person has the Divine within them, which is true.  But if that is so, why do some people seem to behave as anything but Divine?  Even those who say they want to be a light in this world often let people or situations get the better of them and, consequently, act like anything but the Light.

We know that without the night, we could not experience the day.  Without an in, there is no out.  Without an up, there is no down.  Some things are here to let us appreciate the good.  After all, how would we know good without evil?

When someone comes into your life and hurts you, upset you, or makes you lose your patience, they have come into your life to allow you to be who you were created to be – forgiving, patient, tolerant, and loving – in other words, to be the Light. 

Will we always be perfect?  No, but we can remember, as Bill Wilson said, that “we strive for progress, not perfection.” Therefore, anyone or any situation that is challenging is there to help us flex our spiritual muscles.  We may not like it, but if we can see it for what it is, we will most likely remember not just who we are, but who that other person is, The Light as well.

Quote of the Week

“Always remember, God said, I have always sent you nothing but angels.:

‘The Little Soul and the Sun” by Neale Donald Walsch

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