Beginning the Day

How are you holding up?  If you have a firm spiritual practice, chances are you are doing OK.  

If your spiritual life is missing something, by now, the whole Covid19 thing is getting pretty old. 

I know, for me, that I have a daily reprieve from all the stress based on my spiritual condition.  It is a daily reprieve, so each day can be different from the day before.  I don’t know about you, but some days I can handle things a lot better than other days.  

That’s because some days I spend the time in the morning connecting to my Higher Power through praying, reading, and meditating.  Other days I get up and rush through the morning.

It doesn’t take a genius to see the correlation between what I do in the morning and the quality of my day.

Knowing this, you would think I would not leave the house without being fully connected but some days, that is just what happens.  The result is never good.

I have decided, I cannot afford not to be prepared properly for the day with everything going on in the world.  Can you?

Quote of the Week

“Begin each day with optimism and end each day with forgiveness.  Happiness in life begins and ends within your heart.”

Doe Zantamata

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