Beginning of Change

October… and no matter what the temperature is, people begin to feel the change in the air as we move out of summer and into fall.  Pumpkins are everywhere, Halloween stores are popping up in empty spaces in almost every shopping area, and Christmas is beginning to pop its head up in stores as well. Sweaters and boots are seen regardless of whether the weather warrants them or not.

Yes, Autumn is here, and change is everywhere from Mother Nature to High Fashion.  For me, Autumn is a time of change – maybe even more so than other seasons.  This change, like all changes, is either positive, negative, or just different – depending on our mindset.  

Like fall coming while temperatures are still high, changes in ourselves often come in quiet, subdued ways – so that if we are not conscious, we may not see it.  It often comes as a discontent, a restlessness, or just a feeling that something is happening and yet we know not what.  

We are often unaware of these changes because change can be subtle, yet scary and if we ignore it, we think it will go away.  From experience I have discovered that denial does not work for very long. When change is God directed, I can either pay attention to the still small voice or wait until God gets my attention in a big way. 

A long time ago, I made the decision to turn my will and my life over to Spirit.  

Since then life has never been dull or boring and often takes me on a road less traveled. Change is less scary when we remember that life is an adventure and God is our guide.

Quote of the Week

“God’s will will not take me, where God’s grace will not keep me.’



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