As We Think

How are you doing spiritually during these times that are creating challenges we have had no experience dealing with in the past?  Is our faith strong enough that it can maintain us even when times are difficult?

Are we using our spiritual practices and beliefs to practical use – day by day – in good or bad weather?  There is an acid test to answer that question and it is a simple one.  That question is –  Can we stay in emotional balance, and live our lives to good purpose under all conditions?

Do you have the faith that works only when things are going well for you?  How do some people seem to go through even the toughest times with ease and grace?  Are they using the power of their mind in a positive and effective way?

It is one of Unity’s basic principles that we determine the quality of our life by the proper use of our minds.  I am not saying that our minds created this pandemic or the economic challenges of this time, but our minds determine how we will get through difficulties.

The Buddha said that “The mind is everything – what you think, you become.”  Wow, and here we thought that it was “it” or “them” that made us who and what we are.

Instead of spending time blaming people or conditions, we should be spending time doing denials and affirmations, praying, meditating, expressing gratitude, and watching our thoughts for self-defeating, negative ideas about ourselves, and our life. 

Quote of the Week

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can better his life by altering his attitudes of mind.”                                                                             William James

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