Are You Prosperous

Do you consider yourself prosperous?

I’m not just talking about having a lot of money, but, also, having a loving relationship that works, a healthy body, mind and spirit, work you love doing, and having enough money to have the things that are truly important to you in this lifetime.

I have found, for myself, that when all the areas of my life are not the way I would like them; it is time to go back to basics. For me, the basics are the things that have always worked and supported my spiritual growth.

These basics include prayer and meditation, going to my recovery meetings, reading spiritual literature, listening to music that feeds my soul, being of service, eating well, exercising, and being generous.

When I give, I am making a statement to the Universe, that I believe in it’s abundance and my Higher Power as the Source of all my good, including money. When I am aware of the abundance of the Universe, I always have whatever I need.

Quote of the Week
“It’s not that the universe wants you to be abundant; it is offering you the opportunity take part in it’s abundance”
Author Unknown

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