Are you filled with zeal?

Do you have enthusiasm for your life or do you wake up in the morning dreading the day?

Enthusiasm or zeal (one of the 12 spiritual powers we all have within us) is often lacking in our lives even though we all have it.  When children are born, they naturally have zeal and you can see it when they play or discover something new.  As we get older sometimes we forget our enthusiasm for life because we allow outside things to take it away from us.

But if we remember it is always within us, waiting for us to call it forth, we can once again find that zeal or zest for life and begin to treat all our days as a gift to be enjoyed.

If you have lost your zest for life it might be because you are not doing what you uniquely are created to be.  We all have gifts and talents and when we forget that it is easy to lose our enthusiasm for life.

Find out what brings joy to your heart by meditating on it.  What is your passion, your gift?  Each day look for ways to express it – and you will find yourself living life to its fullest!

Quote of the Week

“I fairly sizzle with zeal, energy, and enthusiasm; eager to do that which ought to be done by me today.”                                                                                                Charles Fillmore, at age 94

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