A Thought for the New Year

One of my friends always ends his messages with, “Life is good, all is well, and we are blessed.”  I love this quote! It is a beautiful affirmation for us all because it emphasizes the true nature of life – no matter how it may look to us otherwise.

With winter storms affecting a significant part of the country, we here in Southern California should feel particularly blessed. Most of the time, our weather is in the 70s, we have amazing beaches, flowers all year long, flowing palms and especially with some rain, green grass and trees everywhere.

However, gratitude and being at peace should not be based on the exterior conditions of our lives because, as we all know, things can change instantly. Peacefulness, therefore, must be an inside job.  

I spent many years in Miami in a beautiful environment and was depressed, miserable, and desperate. No matter how beautiful things were around me, I often did not notice because I was filled with so much self-pity that I  could only see the negative stuff in my life. I never felt blessed or grateful for what I had.

Today after much work on my inner self,  I understand that what brings true peace is gratitude for what I have rather than self-pity for what I do not. 

When I live from gratitude rather than self-pity, selfishness, and self-centeredness, I can honestly say – Life is good, all is well, and I am blessed!

Quote of the Week

“The happy man lives the life of love, not for the honors it may bring, but for life itself. “                                                                                                    R. J. Baughan

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