A Spiritual Home

I love traveling and as much fun as I had on my vacation, there is something warm and wonderful about being home again.  Maybe it is the familiarity of our home or the reassurance of a daily routine.  Whatever the reason “home is where the heart is”.

Before moving to Southern California, we spent many months living on the road in a motor home, so wherever we went, we were there since our home was on wheels.  Although we took our home with us, one thing was missing during that time – a sense of community.

Home for me is more than the dwelling I live in – it is a spiritual community where I feel loved, appreciated, understood, and welcomed.  So home is more than just the physical space we abide in, it is, in fact, having a spiritual community in which I can participate in the growth and development of other like minded people on a regular basis.  I learned, during that period of traveling, having a spiritual family was an important aspect for making me feel like I’m home.

Quote of the Week

“We have all known the long loneliness, and we have found that the answer is in community.”                                                                                          Dorothy Day

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