A Simple Prayer

I love simple prayers spoken from the heart.  In my life, I have found them to be the most effective prayers not because the words are perfect but because they come from the heart and I find I can best connect to God through the heart and not the head.

For me, my head is filled with my wants, needs, demands, ideas as to how things SHOULD be.  When I pray in humility and willingness from my heart, the connection becomes much deeper.  Not that I don’t use other forms of prayer – I do.  But the results of a simple prayer continue to amaze me.

The other day I was frustrated because I had things that needed to be done and I knew I was incapable of doing them.  Exasperated, I said to Christopher “We need help” and then went out to throw out some trash.  I was halfway down the walk when a man who was walking toward me said, “Do you need help?” 

I said yes. Not only did he throw the bulky garbage out, but he also helped us take a bulky item out of a box. When we discovered it was broken, he went to Home Depot to get the things he needed to fix it.  He came back the next day and not only fixed it but helped Christopher plant some flowers and do some other odd jobs.  He then refused the money we offered and just said he liked helping people.

It never ceases to amaze me how a heart-felt prayer can be answered so quickly and so perfectly.  Yet I forget this. Gratefully I have a God of my understanding that gives me these simple miracles as a reminder that I am never alone.

Quote of the Week

“Prayer is the link that connects us with God.”

A.B. Simpson

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