A New Look at a Classic Prayer

Years ago when I began recovery, I would cringe whenever I heard The Lord’s Prayer. I thought if was just some Christian prayer that atheistic Jew that I was, was just plain offensive.

Then I had a spiritual awakening and came to believe in a Higher Power yet I still could not stand The Prayer (the Lord’s Prayer). Then I read a book entitled, “Setting a Trap for God” by Rocco Errico and I began to understand the power of this prayer (or at least looking at the English from Aramaic translation).

The idea of setting a trap comes from the Aramaic work for prayer which literally means “setting a trap”. So according to Errico, prayer is not about changing some big guy in the sky’s mind, but adjusting and preparing our minds and hearts to receive God’s program (not ours).

For me that made sense and still does!

Quote of the Week

“Our Father who is everywhere
Let your name be set apart
Come our kingdom
Let your desire be, as in the universe, also on the earth
Provide us our needful bread from day to day
And free us from our offenses, as also we have freed our offenders.
And do not let us enter into temptation but separate us from error
For belongs to you the kingdom, the power, the song and praise, from all ages throughout all ages.
Sealed in truth, trust, and faithfulness.”

The Lord’s Prayer (Rocco Errico’s translation from the Aramaic Bible)

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