A Lesson in Humility

For a long time, I prided myself on being very self-sufficient.  I actually considered it one of my positive qualities.  Then last week, I had foot surgery and was put in a cast the size of a large log.  I knew I was going to have a cast and that, for 2 months, I would not be able to put any weight on my foot – but I was not prepared for the cast being as large and heavy as it is.

All of a sudden, I couldn’t do whatever I wanted; go wherever I wanted, and do the things I did on a daily basis.  I went from an independent person to one who was dependent on someone else to do some of the simplest things for me.

Being independent is good, but being prideful about it is not.  We are not separate beings because each one of us is but a small part connected to other members of our human family, and as a result, we are dependent upon each other.  

Through my admission to another that I needed help, I began to see that this experience was a great lesson in humility.  And in this humility, I discovered that God not only blesses me vertically and directly but also, horizontally through other people.  I am filled with gratitude that this lesson did not come with a higher price tag than it did. 

Quote of the Month

“Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real.”

 Thomas Merton

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