A Divine Paradox

I have discussed many times the Law of Mind Action – “Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind”, also known in some circles as the Law of Karma.  In the Revealing word, Charles Filmore states, “Divine law cannot be broken. It holds man responsible for the results of his labors”.  

However, the law, also known as Cause and Effect, is part of a paradox in regard to the Divine.  A paradox is an assertion that may appear contradictory or opposed to common sense but is nevertheless true.

That means that there is but one law, the law of cause and effect and it is perpetually operating everywhere and in everything to establish divine order and divine justice. However, the grace of God is also perpetually operative. It is God’s love in action. Grace does not operate contrary to law; it is a higher aspect of the law. Grace works to ensure that the law benefits and blesses us. 

Grace is the unconditional love of God always available to us and no matter what we may or may not do, Grace is God’s commitment to love us regardless.  This is important for us to remember because it means that God is always working from Love and for our good – even in those times when it may seem anything but for our good.  Knowing this makes it possible to hold onto something positive when the “facts of reality” may seem otherwise.

If you remember nothing else, know this – God is Love – and Love cannot do anything but Love.  In the darkest hours, this Love is working in and through our lives whether we can see it or not.  This is where faith and trust come in.  We have to have faith that the Grace of God is at work in our lives and we have to trust that in spite of appearances that Grace is present in ALL circumstances.

Quote of the Week

“You do not have to earn grace. It is not something that comes only to the good. It comes to all alike, simply because all alike are expressions of God”

Eric Butterworth – “Celebrate Yourself! “

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