A Decision for 2021

2021!  A New Year and new hope.  For many people, 2020 could not have ended any sooner.  It was not an easy year for sure!

A new year, especially this new year, is a great time to start something new, to embark on a new adventure – not a physical one but one of the soul – a Hero’s Journey into the depth of our being.  

The Hero’s Journey is a monomyth in which the hero ventures into unknown territory to retrieve something they need or something that is valuable.  To do that, they face conflict and adversity, yet eventually the hero triumphs and then returns home, transformed.

I believe 2021 is a perfect year to begin our own journey because it is a time ripe for change.  The reward may not be power, a treasure, or an assignment to change the world, but it will, guaranteed, change our lives, our outlook on life, and bring us to a greater awareness of Spirit working in and through our lives. 

Quote of the Week

“If you can now say that you want to know more of God and that you want God to be more active in your life, then you’ve made an important decision.  You have set yourself up to accept good, and that’s all that you need to be born again…and again…and again”.

“The Quest, a Journey of Spiritual Rediscovery” by Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla


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