Unity of Orange County is part of a worldwide movement dedicated to creating a better world through individual spiritual transformation. Learn more…

A beautiful kaleidoscope of people in community

If you are looking for a spiritual community that honors everyone, this is it.

Embracing the belief that there is one God called by many different names and found through many different paths, our congregation is a beautiful kaleidoscope of people from different religions and races, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, ages and sexual orientations.

Unity also is a spiritual community with an extremely positive approach to God and life. We understand those who consider themselves spiritual more than religious. We are committed to not only helping you live a greater life, but also to helping profoundly transform our world through love. Learn more

Upcoming opportunities for learning, growing & making new friends

Unity of Orange County offers an abundance of classes, workshops and ongoing groups and services to support you on your path. Just a few of many upcoming opportunities are featured here. Please visit our Calendar for complete listings and details.

Adventures in Faith Begins – September  25th  – November 6th

September begins our Adventures in Faith Series based on Eric Butterworth’s “Spiritual Economics” (The Principles and Process of True Prosperity)

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Each Sunday we will explore an AIF topic.  The following Wednesday evening (6-8 PM) there will be a discussion group to explore Sunday’s topic further.

If you would like to attend the Wednesday Discussion Groups, please call 949-988-7624.  Love Offering Appreciated.  Please leave a message if there is no one in the office.

9/25 – Week 1 Introduction – Is the Economy God?

10/2 – Week 2 Chapters 1 & 2 -” The Truth about Substance”  and “Your Fortune Begins with You”

10/9 – Week 3 Chapters 3 & 4 – “The Law of visualization and “If you Can Believe”

10/16 – Week 4 Chapters 5 & 6 – “The Grateful Heart” and “Work and the Success Syndrome”

10/23 – Week 5 Chapters 7 & 8 – “How to Reverse Financial Adversity” and” Security in a Changing World”

10/30 – Week 6 Chapters 10 & 11 – “Discover the Wonder of Giving” and “A New Look at Tithing”

11/6 – Week 7 Chapters 9 & 12 – “The Money Enigma and “A New World Vision”

Prayer Circle – Following Sunday Service each week, we will have a Prayer Circle for anyone needing prayer or wanting prayer for someone else.  All prayers are held in strict confidence.                                  

Saturday, October 8th – 9:30-3:30 – Board Training

Sunday, October 23rd – Town Hall Meeting following Sunday Service

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